This is a simple gallery of pieces of wood I’ve stabilised for customers, and some items which they have made from them. Some are before processing, some after, and some of the process itself. There are also some woods which do not necessarily stabilise well. I’ve included them for general interest.

Some of these pieces are polished to show off the shine you can expect from stabilised wood, but most are either direct from the stabilising process or have had no more than a rudimentary tidy-up on a sanding belt. The materials really come into their own when sanded finely and polished… especially when they are built into a finished product, of course.

Send me your photos!

I would really appreciate being sent any photos you might have of work you have created with materials I’ve stabilised. With your permission I would love to display some of them here. I’d be more than happy to credit you, and if you like I’ll include a link to your website.