Terms & Conditions

I hate small print. I prefer to rely on common sense and courtesy as much as possible, but we need some simple terms of reference so we can be sure our expectations are in line.

Please be sure you read this and are happy with it before you place an order. If you have any queries please ask before you place the order.

1. What’s going to happen here? You (the Customer) are going to send me (the Supplier) some pieces of wood and/or other materials, so that I can apply a stabilisation process to them, involving drying, and impregnation with a hardening resin, so as to enhance their strength, stability, life span and hopefully aesthetics. I will then do this work, as quickly as reasonably possible, but I give no guarantees as to turnaround. I will contact you if I have any questions. I will send you a final invoice when the work is finished, which you will pay, and I will then send your materials back to you, together with some useful data, such as the changes in weight of the materials that occurred during the process.

2. What if there’s a problem with the process? Some items may be unsuitable for stabilising (if you are in any doubt then speak to me before sending them in) and I will contact you if this is the case to arrange for their return.

3. What if my wood cracks? The drying process which is necessary to ensure the best results involves heating the material to 105 celsius for several hours. Well seasoned wood and wood that has been at Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) for a while very rarely cracks, however allowance must be made in any processing of natural materials for the possibility that they may be damaged during processing. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during any of the stages of the process, such as (but not limited to) cracks appearing during the drying phase, I can not be held liable for any loss suffered by you, directly or indirectly, as a result. Should this happen, I will as a gesture or goodwill waive the processing charge for any damaged piece, but you will still need to pay for the resin.

4. What if I forget about my materials? This is highly unlikely, mainly because they are your precious materials, but also because I will always take considerable pains to remind you regularly once the job is finished, that payment is outstanding. However, in the unlikely event that you do not pay for your processed materials within three months of you receiving the invoice, I reserve the right to dispose of them in any way I see fit, in other words sell them to recoup my costs.

5. Preparation, Quality Check & Photographs If your material has sharp corners and you did not remove them yourself (see Preparing Your Materials) I may for technical reasons need to chamfer them slightly prior to stabilising. After processing I may sand or polish one or more surfaces of your material to check the quality of the finish. Finally, I love to photograph nice pieces so that I can display them on my website. If you do not want me to do any of these things that’s no problem, please let me know.