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Genuine comments from customers.

Just to let you know that I’ve just completed my first stabilizing project with your Packrat resin. To say I’m happy with it would be an understatement, it’s made the piece of spalted beech solid as rock! Again, many thanks for your superb product and service. Andy (UK, knife maker)

I’ve been using Packrat’s Stabilising Juice for a few months now and it has performed great! I have used it without dye to harden punky, spalted wood for direct use or for putting into epoxy resin baths afterwards. I’ve also used it (more often) with dyes creating subtle-to-stunning effects on all manner of spalted, punky, burl or regular woods! I haven’t had a single failed cast with it and Packrat couldn’t have been more helpful in giving me advice at the start! (soak the wood for a day or two after vacuuming!!).Tom Murphy (Ireland, pen maker)

It arrived the other day and I’ve already used it. I have to say I’m very impressed with it and will definitely be buying it again. John, Black Boar Knives

Here’s a couple sets Bruce sent me a while back… was very impressed! (MJ, UK knife maker)

I sanded and polished the wood you kindly stabilized for me today, to show a customer what they would be getting. It will feature on two knives for the UK show and will look amazing! Many thanks! (Paul Mason, Mason Knives)

I’ve sent wood to packrat before to be stabilised. Really nice guy to deal with and can’t fault the service or end result. (UK knife maker)

The wood came back in no time, i think the result speaks for itself!! Excellent service and perfectly stabilised. Many thanks Bruce, will be sending more wood in the near future. (here) (Paul Mason, Mason Knives)

Your stabilising…. It was lovely to work with and finishes like a dream. (Stuart Mitchell, Stuart Mitchell Knives)

Hey Bruce. The wood arrived. It’s AWESOME. I polished a couple of blocks with a little micromesh quickly and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like on a knife. (Alexander, knife maker)

Posted my request at 1316hrs yesterday, the block was at my house within 24 hours. And it’s a beauty to boot. (Nick, Roestalker Knives)

Received my block today 🙂

First impression is that it looks good. It has a nice bit of weight to the block without feeling overly heavy and has a nice wood feel still rather than feeling like wood coated in plastic! I am planning to use this on a knife I have just started to make (full tang, stock removal) but I have no tools to speak of so it might take a few weeks before I actually use this block in anger! (Matt, knife maker)

Received mine yesterday. Beautiful piece. (Kris, knife maker)

Hello bruce
The wood blocks are here
Stunning quality!!
It’s a very very good batch. (trollfot, knife maker)

Got mine too, not just nice…………reeeaally nice, these look they’ll polish up an absolute treat. (Paul)

The curly redwood is looking really good and is a lot heavier, also like how it’s darkened the timber down to bring out the figuring. The mulberry hasn’t gained much weight but has definitely stabilised the sapwood area a great deal. I will definitely be sending you more of my Redwood.

I’m very pleased to say that although the mulberry didn’t take on much resin it would appear it’s penetrated right through, I think! I’ve halved the block length wise to handle up a small Dave Budd blade and offered it up on the bench disc sander to square it all off before I start shaping. To be fair it is now considerably harder than it was before I sent it out to you, the only bit I haven’t been able to sand on the disc sander is the very heart of the block due to the shape of the handle but I’m fairly confident it will be the same as the rest just by looking and the bandsaw cuts.

You’ve done a cracking job mate and I’m well pleased. Thanks again, one very happy customer. (Matt, knife maker)

Thanks Bruce. My block arrived today, it’s nice and heavy with a fantastic curl grain. (Mike, knife maker)

Beautiful job Bruce, these will make two stunning pens. Thank you! (Jerry, pen turner)